Situated in Hornsby, 25 kilometres North west of the centre of Sydney, Oki Oki has impressed Australian and Asian customers alike. Oki Oki was the result of a vision shared by several like-minded proprietors who sought to bring excellent quality Asian fusion to the public. Initially specialising in Japanese food Oki Oki’s expanding team quickly incorporated dishes form several other Asian cultures.

At Oki Oki Asian restaurant we believe there is nothing more important that the quality, freshness and preparation of fine food. And nothing better to compliment it with than fine wines, traditional Japanese Sake and other cultivated beverages. We believe in food and dining with refinement. Refinement is something that eludes definition, something that can be never bought. An institution can either have it, or wish to acquire it. But even the least discerning individual can recognise it, and desire it in their service. At Oki Oki we believe we have that refinement. Popular Japanese delicacies like sushi have long since been assimilated into western culture, their popularity a testimony to their appeal. Yet fine Japanese cuisine consists of far more than this.

At Oki Oki we serve a food menu of more than 150 items, and are happy to add a few foreign beverages because they work well with our classic cuisine. Asian food has always been as much about the creation of the food as the food itself. The art of preparation is paramount, and our chiefs are dedicated to this. Asian cuisines are all part of several boarder cultures, something which we wish to bring to all our customers. Our quintessential advice is to try our menu, and then to try some more. For any enquireis about Owi Owi Japanese restaurant Hornsby do not hesitate to contact us.